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Vanoss Spirit Store

Welcome to the Vanoss Spirit Store! The spirit store is run by the Vanoss Wolf Pack (PTO), funds the pack raise benefit the school and community. If you see something that you would like to have simply print the order form and write in which item, send back to school along with the money and we will return your item and receipt home with your child. If you do not have a child in school, no worries, you can call 580-220-5967 and place an order. Most shirts in our store are unique, meaning that they come in the listed size and chances are slim that we will have another just like it. Sorry. If there are more then one size available it will be noted.

Picture of productpaw print fan That Cost 3.00

paw print fan

Picture of productcar magnet That Cost 5.00

car magnet

Picture of product2X T-shirt  That Cost 15.00

2X T-shirt

Love god, love sweet tea, love vanoss wolves

Picture of productzipper pulls That Cost 1.00

zipper pulls

Picture of productscarf That Cost 15.00


Picture of productspirit socks That Cost 17.00

spirit socks

Picture of productvanoss wolves baseball vehicle sticker That Cost 5.00

vanoss wolves baseball vehicle sticker

Picture of producttote bag That Cost 15.00

tote bag

Picture of productpaw print blanket That Cost 25.00

paw print blanket

This blanket is lightweight and made of sweatshirt type materials.

Picture of productWolves handband/earwarms That Cost 15.00

Wolves handband/earwarms

There is no shipping available on any items

Order Form

Spirit Store Order Form Name: Phone number: Student and grade item is to be sent home with:

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