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Continued Learning 2020

Welcome All Ag Ed Students and Parents

“When you can’t do what you do, you do what you can”  That is the way we are operating right now. 


Dear Student & Parent,

I hope that you are all doing great and making the best of a challenging situation. I plan on keeping my classroom work to a minimum the remainder of the year. I know core classes are of the upmost importance and everyone is feeling a little overwhelmed at our new way of learning. I will be in contact with each of you at least once a week to make sure you continue to do well. 

To my 7th/8th graders I would like you to know how much I have throughly enjoyed you being in AG this year. I hope that each of you will enroll again next year. As for the remainder of this year… You are dismissed. However with that being said, I know that a few of you have grades you may want to pull up. Therefore you can contact me and I will be happy to work with you to make that happen. Again, you all were wonderful to have in class and I look foward to seeing you all again next year. 

HS students,  I will be taking attendance and grades. My work will be easy and hopefully fun for you! I will be in contact with you twice a week. Keep a close eye on this page…. ALL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED HERE BELOW! I will put reminders, and fun stuff on the FFA Facebook Page, but all important information you need will be on this site. Again… it will not be hard. This will be on an HONOR SYSTEM….not going to double check your work. More for fun so you can finish this credit! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Mr. Mark Gray  580-272-7755

I will assign a chapter each week on Monday on the icev and post it on here. You have been working on that in class so everyone knows what to do. You may log in and do that OR you may choose 1 thing from the list below. Send either a picture or a video of you doing them to Kellys phone for your grade. She has already contacted everyone. Her number is 580-320-7708. You can also email them to me at if that is easier. Have fun with this! I cant wait to see what you guys do! 

Week #4

2nd hour icev ~ Large Wood Power Tools  II-Safety & Operation & ID

3rd hour icev ~ Plasma Arc Cutting

4th hour icev ~ Hot Topics – Animal Welfare

OR do one of the following….

  1. Create a poster with stuff around the house explaing what Agriculture or FFA  is.
  2. Perform a basic home repair. Send a video of yourself during the process.
  3. Create a floor plan of your dream shop! Include all equipment you would desire. 
  4. Write a paragraph about any agricultural career other than farming.
  5. BUILD something with stuff you have laying around.. video it and send it to me!
  6. Bake a dish..send a picture, a list of ingredients, and where they are grown.
  7. Say OR Read the FFA Creed. Send video. Use enthusiasm and hand movements!
  8. Work with your livestock project
  9. Picture or video of you doing community service
  10. Write or say a set of Livestock Reasons
  11. If you have a welder...Practice Welding beads.
  12. Take a nature walk. Send a picture of yourself and a paragraph about what you saw.
  13. Plant seeds. 
  14. Design an FFA Tshirt
  15. Design your own Cattle Brand. Explain why and how you came up with it. 
  16. With food you have at home. Design soil layers. 
  17. Make an All about me poster titled… I AM A LEADER
  18. Wrtie a paragraph explaing what it means to work as a team. 
  19. Thank a farmer (send a note by mail)
  20. Give a 1 -2 min speech on any Agricultral Topic 
  21. Write a letter to the goverment thanking them for supporting FFA and Agriculture